The alma concept strives to merge design elegance, richness and refinement with robustness and durability of use. To bring about the versatility to blend with any design ambience and character, inducing the experience of nature, tranquility and harmony.


It all started with the partnership of two forward looking close friends from their university days and their love for nature and the outdoors. They set up a furniture manufacturing company and following their passion for the outdoors they very quickly got into manufacturing of outdoor alfresco furniture, pool furniture, synthetic wicker outdoor furniture and contract manufactures for many established brand names in the market.

The business grew over the past 10 years and now has a 3,000 strong team to help fulfill the demand for their furniture. Key to its development is the experience and development of manufacturing and weaving techniques, and continuous investment in the selection, cultivation and training of expert craftsmen to ensure the alma concept of product refinement, consistency and reliability be felt by their customers.

Adhering to strict and unbending quality assurance standards and selective material usage, the alma concept offers creative and eye catching designs with reliability and longevity of use.

To extend its founders’ love for nature in its products, alma does its part for the environment by using biodegradable materials in its manufacturing.